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  • Rapha Fellowship Sunday

    ‘God’s blueprint for an individual’ was the theme for the Rapha Fellowship Sunday. The hymns, special songs, the sermon and worship were centred around this theme. The Rapha Fellowship at STEC is involved in the healing ministry, regularly visiting the sick and needy, to pray and share God’s love and peace with them.

  • World Sunday School Day

    Our Sunday School Children played an active role in worship on World Sunday School Day – the first Sunday in November. They sang action songs, recited memory verses, enacted a skit and read the Bible lessons. At STEC, the Sunday School is held on Sunday mornings during the worship service. All children are welcome to […]

  • Youth Sunday

    It was a lively Sunday morning with action songs, sermon and a skit by the STEC Youth, followed by a half-day retreat by Sishya Ministries. Our Youth Fellowship meets at 4.30 PM every Sunday, to study the word of God together and grow in faith. Teenagers and young people are welcome to join.

  • Education Sunday

    ‘Agents of Liberation’ was the theme on 10th September 2023, as the Teachers took an active role in the Sung Matins. They sang special songs, preached, and shared their experience. Teachers in the congregation – active and retired – were felicitated by the congregation.

  • Annual Thanksgiving Festival 2023 

    On 3rd September, Annual Thanksgiving Festival 2023 began with a special Sung Eucharist, with the congregation gathering to thank God for His bountiful blessings and mercies throughout the year. The morning service was followed by a Sale, Bible Quiz and other fun activities.