The first centennial year of this parish was celebrated during the time of Rev. David Chellappa who later on became the second Bishop of Madras Diocese when the Church of South India was formed. As the nation moved towards independence, the churches in India felt the need to form one united church to bear witness effectively in this land. When a united church, which wanted to call itself on the basis of its location, was formed, it was able to bring both the Episcopal and the non-Episcopal churches together. It has united the Anglicans, the Methodists, the Presbyterians and the Congregationalists and it was inaugurated on the 27th of September 1947. Thus, St. Thomas English Church at Santhome, being part of the Anglican community, was brought under CSI Diocese of Madras but it was allowed to continue its own tradition. Great men of God like Rev. Honest Chinniah, Rev. F.B. Christian, Rev. R.L. Manson, Rev. Peace B.David, Rev. Ebenezer Immanuel served as Pastors in this Parish.