The Women’s Fellowship meets twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays at 4.30 p.m. We enjoy the evening meetings in the open with a cool breeze blowing from the sea. Over the years a closeness has developed among the members and, so we care for each other and uphold each other with prayer support.


On 2nd Saturdays we have Bible study, members taking turns to lead the study. On 4th Saturdays we follow on outreach programme like, disturbing tracts, visiting a slum, visiting an orphanage, or visiting an invalid church member unable to attend church. When there is no outreach programme, we spend the time praying for our church, our country, peace in the countries of the world and especially for Christians who face persecution in India and elsewhere.

We celebrate Women’s Sunday in August singing special songs and all the members taking part in the service. We hold a stall during the Annual Thanksgiving festival.

For some years now, before Christmas, we visit the homes of non–Christian friends who are willing to receive us. We sing carols and give them gifts and the Christmas message.

As a fellowship it is our desire to do our bit in the extension of God’s Kingdom.