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In 1837, Carver was transferred to Mannargudi by the new Superintendent of the Methodist Missions in India and Ceylon and was succeeded by G.U. Pope, the famous Tamil Scholar. In the meantime, the M.D.C. had decided to resume work at San Thome, and accordingly, the Rev. A.C. Thompson of the Vepery Mission was appointed by the Archdeacon to look after the San Thome Mission. Since November 1837, Thompson had been regularly holding Services both in English and in Tamil.

Writing in 1838 to the S.P.G. in London, Rev. Thompson stated: “The average attendance is about 23 at the English Service, and 40 at the Tamil Service. An English School has been commenced in which there are now 23 children. A Tamil School has also been attempted, but it has not yet succeeded”.

Thompson once again took up the question of the erection of a Church, and received for the purpose Rs. 2,000/- from the Metropolitan, and smaller sums from other sources, but on his departure to England in 1839, the scheme once again fell into abeyance. The Rev. W. Taylor, originally of the London Missionary Society, was now placed in charge of San Thome with the additional care of St. Thomas Mount. Speaking of Taylor, now single-handed in Madras, the new Bishop Spencer wrote – “Our zealous and able missionary is literally sinking under the weight of his charge.”

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