The STEC Rapha team – as the Hospital Ministry team is called – visits the sick and needy in CSI Kalyani Hospital on every fourth Sunday of the month. The Hebrew word for healing (rapha) refers not just to physical healing but to spiritual healing too – and this is precisely what the Hospital Ministry team aims to do.

During the hospital visits, many staff and visitors request for prayers and the team counsels them in accordance with the teachings of Jesus. They also distribute Bibles, new testaments and prayer booklets in many languages, and regularly follow up with patients who are responsive. The Rapha team meets for a few minutes every Sunday after Church service to pray for the issues and requests during the week by forming a prayer chain.

The STEC Rapha team also visits the sick and the aged of our church, friends and neighbours to spend time with them and help out whenever possible.

And we have witnessed many miracles which strengthen our faith and we rejoice and thank our Lord for using us. And our longing and request is that many more join the STEC Rapha ministry so we can go every Sunday instead of just one Sunday in a month – and we can cover more hospitals too!