This is an update on the status of our church parish hall project.

The old parish hall and adjoining residence were in a dilapidated condition and have been demolished, to construct a new parish hall in its place. Plans were drawn up with stilt parking at ground level, parish hall on the first floor and a dining hall on the second floor.

Recently, our church has been designated as `Heritage grade 2A’ structure. In this context, it is required to have an unhindered view of the heritage building from the road, so it is not possible to locate the new parish hall in the place of the existing one.

So it has been decided by the Building Committee to have an integrated building on the southern portion of the site, comprising the primary school, parish hall and dining hall. It is proposed to have the primary school on the ground level, parish hall on the first floor and the dining hall on the second floor.

Finalisation of plans for the same, is in progress. We propose to construct only the school in the ground floor and parish hall in the first floor now. The dining hall in the second floor can be built at a later date.

We solicit your earnest prayers for this important project of our church.