Any lover of music would agree that the pipe organ is renowned as the `King of instruments’. The STEC organ is single manual, by Thomas Robson and was built in 1868. It is of considerable interest in the history of English organs exported to India, as it seems to be the second oldest surviving (the oldest being that at the St. George’s Cathedral in Madras, built a little over ten years earlier in 1857). We at STEC, have enjoyed its grand music over the years, and are truly grateful to God for this great treasure.

It is our responsibility to preserve this priceless gem for the generations to come. Our pipe organ is now being restored by the Midland Organ, Hele & Company Ltd – builders, restorers and maintainers of quality pipe organs since 1860, based in Leicestershire, England. Once fully overhauled and restored, the organ will continue to enrich our worship services.

Praise God! Our pipe organ is now in working condition! Some pipes and stops are yet to be done, and will be completed latest by the end of this year. In the meantime, we have started using the organ since 17 May 2015 for the worship services. Do continue to pray for this project.